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Get Noticed. Reach Customers.

The future is here. The internet has changed the way businesses advertise. Gone are the days of the tv, radio or print.


Digital Marketing is the name of the game, and with Google Ads you can ensure that your business is in front of potential customers, when they are in the buying mood.


With simple solutions to complex challenges, we charge less than our competitors. You’ll see where your money is going, and you’ll see the benefit on your bottom line.

What we do

We make Google Ads EASY!

Our primary focus at EasyAdwords is using Google Ads to help out clients reach their market.  Whether Google Search, YouTube, Google Display or Google Shopping, we can help your customers find you.

For Google Ads to perform best, you may need some work on your website – Transforming it from information provider to a sales facilitator.  We can help here too.


Google Ads is the world’s largest advertising network.

What makes Google Ads so powerful is that, unlike most digital advertising, your traffic only comes from people who are actively searching for your product or service.

We establish and maintain your business’ Google Ads account with targeted keywords and quality ads. You can compete against your big industry’s leaders at a fraction of the price.


Are you confident your website helps you sell? If not we’ve got you covered.

We create simple, clean, fast-loading websites that make your business shine.  

Affordable multi-page sites, sales-oriented in nature.

When we build a website we integrate strategy between the website and Google Ads, so you are best positioned for both organic and paid traffic. 

Google My Business Google Maps Google Street View

Google My Business is a fundamental tool for success. 

Customers start their search for products and services with Google. We make sure that customers can get the information they need easily at thier fingertips. 

These are the eassiest and most cost effective ways to grow your business.


What we charge

We believe our rates are fair

Go ahead and compare our prices

People we’ve helped

Our clients are our best references.

We’re about long term relationships, we grow as you grow.

NZ Fuelcards

Marketing Strategy Consultation, Logo Design, Website Build, Website Copy, Website Maintenance & Updates, Online Form, Google Ads.

Inner Strength

Marketing Strategy Consultation, Website Re-design, Website Copy, Email Marketing, Google My Business, Google Search Console, Google Ads. 

Sprig & Fern Hardy St

Marketing Strategy Consultation, Website Build, Website Copy, Website Maintenance & Updates, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Ads.

Auto Super Shoppe

Website Build, Website Copy, Website Maintenance & Updates, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Ads.

R&R Kayaks

Google Ads, Marketing Strategy Consultation, Google My Business

Abel Tasman Eco Tours

Google Ads, Marketing Strategy Consultation, Google My Business

We're here to help

Your points of contact are Mike or Dave. They live in Nelson, New Zealand.

For Google Ads customers, we review your performance once a month. For websites and email marketing, we’ll discuss what level of attention is required. We can adjust based on your needs.


We use Google’s Machine Learning as the primary way to bid on ads so that one or two hours a month management on our part can be enough to provide excellent performance for most campaigns. 

We also always suggest our customers go with a daily budget strategy so they can prepare for what their Google Ads will cost them each month. You can spend as little as $5 a day on Google Ads and be advertising on Google.


First, we have a chat to see if we can help you succeed. If we see an opportunity, we’ll write up a simple proposal detailing prices, timelines, expectations, and no time contracts. If you choose not to proceed, no worries!

We don’t have contracts, which means there’s no ‘breaking’ costs to you if you opt to end the work. With websites, we ask for a 1/3 deposit before work begins.

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